About mWelfare

Around mid 2018, Founder Srikar Sadhu travelled to Spain and visited Tuuulibrería, Its a library with many useful books and people can take handful of books for a little donation, Inspired by the thought and service to community Srikar decided to collect the books starting from New Jersey and ship them to various parts of the world that are in need.

Srikar At Tuuulibrería

Why Choose Us ?!

mWelfare is a non profit organization that is started to serve the poor, Founders of the company have empathy towards the poor and the mission is to increase the literacy in the world so that poverty can be eradicated.

  • Global Connections
  • Empathy towards poor
  • Genuine Interest
  • Potential to scale
  • Abundant Volunteers
  • Sustainable Model
  • Friendly Support
  • Best Results

We Will Help You To Put your old books in good use

We know the people who needs them, Let’s spread the knowledge

1+Years of Experience
220Children Served
421Books Donated

Our Expert Team

Meet our professional team meambers

Srikar Sadhu

Srikar Sadhu

Founder, Volunteer

Varun Jonnalagadda

Varun Jonnalagadda

Co-Founder Volunteer


Alex Hernandez



Robert Gary


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