Collect Books

We collect books that are in good condition

Ship Books

We ship books to our partners based on the books content

Donate Books

Our partners donate the books to the needy

Our Mission

We believe we can lower poverty rate by increasing literacy rate

To create a better everyday life for many people

Books for kids in Spain

Books for kids in India

Books for kids in China

Books for kids in Africa

Types of books we collect


PreK to K-12 any text books

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Books that can motivate kids

Language Arts

English Reading, Writing 

Do It Yourself

Books that can teach them to live independently

Competitive Exams



Books that can improve reading and writing skills

Our Volunteers

Meet our professional volunteer team members

Srikar Sadhu

Srikar Sadhu

Founder, Volunteer

Varun Jonnalagadda

Varun Jonnalagadda

Co-Founder, Volunteer

Sriya Sadhu Operations

Sriya Sadhu

Operations Manager


Robert Gary


Do you have books that you don't read anymore?

Lets Donate Old Books

Lets educate these kids, donate your old books

Free books for everyone

We Will Help You To Put your old books in good use

We know the people who needs them, Let’s spread the knowledge

3+Years of Experience
80231Children Served
221009Books Donated
Juan Pablo

Thanks for sending the books, They are in very good condition, We were able to donate to 94 kids and we cannot explain the joy on their faces when they received the books, Great work. God bless you.

Maria Fernando

Thanks for sending us the books, some of the books are very expensive and life changing.